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Welcome! I am Philippa Drake aka The Aspergerational Poet.
I started to write poetry at eight years old.
I was referred to as "the scribe" and the journey continued from there......
I speak several different languages fluently, English, French and Italian.
Also I attend a number of different writers groups in Eastbourne East Sussex UK where I read some of my work out amongst other writers/poets and authors and get feedback on the subjects I cover.
In my first book, subjects range from spooky, mystical and remembrance just to name a few! Growing up in Glasgow I studied languages joining a local writers group and explored freelance journalism with several Scottish newspapers before channelling my creativity into original contemplative poetry.
Drawing from experience of several different jobs helped me on the road to becoming a fully fledged poet!
I feel that now this is the right path for me, I am finalising my second book "Enclosed in Wings". The first book published a few years ago is aptly named "Lyrical Musings" and is a wide mix of poetic verse on a whole range of different subjects as well as a humorous look on life.
I had a video created for me a couple of years ago by Carbury Films in which I read some excerpts from three of my poems and this can be viewed by clicking on the website link above!

Image showing Italian/French Phrases.
Above (from left to right) Lyrical Musings Published a few years ago and the NEW BOOK Enclosed in Wings, coming soon during 2021. Photo of an angel by photographer(Cranach) and provided by  Shutterstock.
If you want to buy Lyrical Musings FIRST EDITION PLEASE CLICK on this Button!To Buy Lyrical Musings



VIDEO 1 (below) The Aspergerational Poet Volume 1( 2016)

VIDEO 2 (above) The Aspergerational Poet Volume 2(2019)

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